Once you sign up here, you will be directed to a short inquiry form asking some general questions to make sure we are available on your date! After that a couple things will be sent to you via email:

(1) general price guide to help you estimate what your wedding will cost
(2) square calendar link to find a consultation time that works well for you
(3) An in depth form with all your numbers, floral preferences, and overall details to be filled out before the zoom consultation

From there, you will be sent a google meet or zoom link to meet with your event designer to begin going over the details, color scheme and start your customized vision! 

**A note on using our new app: we are beta testing a new client portal where you can see all of your documents, checklists for your event and more! Reach out to your event designer for more details!

Simple Wedding

Average Budget:  $200-$1000

Design Your Own Wedding (DYOW) Process

Want a really easy and simple process?

  • Smaller Event:  My event is going to be an intimate setting with standard flower arrangements (i.e. bouquet, bridal party, cake flowers) and just pickup with no on-site work needed.
  • ​Flexible:  I am not super picky about what flowers are in my bouquet. I have seen many pictures of bouquets that I like and am not super particular.
  • ​Budget Friendly:  I am on a tight budget and am more concerned with saving time and money than getting custom proposals.
  • Time Crunch:  Our wedding is coming quickly and I need to figure out my florals ASAP. 
  • Stressed about Planning:  Wedding planning is stressing me out and I need flowers to be crossed off my list without needing much from me. 

DYOW Process Coming Soon!

Standard Wedding

Average Budget:  $500-$4000

Rosie Rue Custom Weddings 
and Events

Want something customizable?

  • Standard Event:  My event has typical arrangements (i.e. bouquet, bridal party, cake flowers) but I also want arches, centerpieces, and/or other flowers at my reception. 
  • ​​Specific:  I know the general bouquet styles I like and want flowers very similar to that. I want to make my bouquet special.
  • ​Good Value:  I don't want to spend crazy amounts of money on my wedding flowers,  but am willing to spend a little bit more to get what I am wanting. 
  • ​Several Months Out:  I have quite a bit of time to plan and make sure everything is perfect for my day. 
  • ​Personalized:  I want to work with Rosie Rue's employees to create my vision of my dream wedding and I want a customized design and proposal.

Premium Wedding

Average Budget:  $4000+

Work one-on-one with
Rose + Thyme's Premium Florist

Want to work with Katie (the owner)?

  • Large Event:  I am wanting large and creative floral arrangements on top of the classic wedding flowers (i.e. flower clouds, flower wall, chandelier florals, fireplace mantels, etc.) 
  • ​Unique:  I haven't seen many weddings with florals that look the way I want mine to look and/or I am pretty particular of what I want.
  • ​Priceless:  I want to make my wedding spectacular and am willing to pay what is needed to make it happen! 
  • ​Sufficient Time to Plan:  I have lots of time before the wedding and I want to take the needed time to get exactly what I am looking for. 
  • ​One-on-One Involvement:  I have been dreaming of my wedding for years and flowers are a key part of my plans. I want to be involved as much as I can!
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What our brides are saying...

"Cannot say enough great things about this company! They were great to work with, responded to my emails quickly, arranged gorgeous flowers for my wedding and had very reasonable prices. My flowers were one thing I was not stressed about on my wedding day and I received a ton of compliments on all of the arrangements they did. Beyond thankful for the great work that they do!"

-- Rikelle L.  ★★★★★

"My wedding flowers blew me away and I felt they even went above and beyond and put a little extra here and there that weren't in the contract that made it look sooo beautiful and really brought it all together. True pro's. Communication pre-wedding was always prompt and concise. I felt they really took the time to understand my vision and were able to make it happen exactly how I dreamed it. Highly recommend!"

-- Juli F.  ★★★★★

"My bouquet was the most beautiful thing and honestly the talk of the night! I had more people want photos with my flowers than with me! (not a big pictures fan) they came right on time and worked their booties off to get everything they needed to done in time! i love love love them! 10/10 recommend!"

-- Savannah A.  ★★★★★

"Oh my goodness, I don’t even know where to start and I could honestly ramble on about how amazing they are forever!! They were incredibly consultative and truly brought my vision completely to life while also working with me to stay within my budget. They did such an amazing job - all the flowers were truly one of my wedding highlights. My only regret is that I didn’t get my bouquet dried/pressed. If you are able to, I would recommend doing it so you can see the beauty forever"

-- Devanshi T.  ★★★★★

"First of all, Wow! These photos were taken by my mom on her iPhone and they don’t begin to truly showcase how beautiful these flowers turned out. When I walked into the bride room and saw these I started to cry. They were perfectly done. They were thorough, professional and kind through the entire process. I knew I did not need to stress about this step in the wedding process because of them. Thank you for being so dang fabulous!"

-- Steveana H.  ★★★★★