Rosie Rue Floral Co.
Travel down the Rosie Rue (Road in French) by working with multiple skilled florists in an easy-to-follow process.
How Does it Work?

Design and Vision

First, we will call you and get your vision and create a custom concept board for you!

Pricing and Payment

Second, we will price everything out and send you an invoice with your customized ideas

Ordering and Arranging

Third, we will finalize everything for your order and arrange everything so it's perfect for you


Fourth, once the wedding is over, if you would like, we will preserve your flowers so they last forever

Ready to get started?

How it got started

Back in 2020, the owner Katie Huntley wanted to start a small business doing flowers out of her home, but Rose + Thyme quickly became a whole lot bigger! With multiple brides interested and thousands of flowers at her hand she needed lots of help! After hiring multiple amazing people, we realized just how much easier the process can be when we all have individual roles throughout the wedding process. Instead of just working one-on-one with a single florist, we all work together with YOU to create the wedding of your dreams at a price you can afford! Rose + Thyme became a small premium brand where Katie could work personally with a couple brides a year, but Rosie Rue Floral Co. became a place where we have multiple skilled florists working hand in hand on a wedding so that we can bust out as many weddings as possible in a more sufficient amount of time while still ensuring quality and top notch florals for the brides we are working with! 

Meet the Team

Going down the Rosie Rue, you will get to meet each one of us! 

Check out the steps to see what we do and how we help you down the Road of Roses!

About Us

We love our brides! 

We love flowers!

We love happy things!

It's true! We are absolutely obsessed with the people we work with and want to become friends not JUST for your wedding day! We want to do everything within our power to make all your dreams come true! We want to work our tails off to show you how much you matter to us!

Well duh right?! Flowers are our LIVES. We are obsessed. Our bouquets are FULL of flowers, you could say we are floral fanatics;) We never want to be skimpy or slacking in this department aand work hard to find new varieties and textures to make your bouquet unique to you!

Sunshine and glitter and roses and pink and disney are just a few of our very fav things over at Rosie Rue Floral Co. We want to find the simple joys in life and work our hardest to make our brides happy too! We want you to feel our genuine joy for what we get to do each and every day!